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(Cargo Timelime) Cravings

A long while ago Kirqut had a box of Nyshaunt cookies that he found on a raid that he was going to bury back on his planet. Because Nyshaunt cookies are made by Tech Nyshaunts and have Magic Nyshaunts in them. Out of curiosity I snuck one and tried it. :3 It was okay, not the best cookie I ever had really.

Now that I'm pregnant I'm starting to crave themmmmmmm. I can't just ask Kirqut to pick me up some because it goes against all he's fighting for. But I really craveeee themmmmm.

Does that make me a cannibal? I mean, it isn't like I'm eating straight flesh, its baked in a cookie with other additives. Mmmm cookies. :3~
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