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(Cargo Timelime) Nysha Beauty

Nyshaut males and females develop a strip of back fur down the middle of their back when they have children. Its because the creature we evolved from was a snake like with a strip of fur down its back. A man or woman with a strip of back fur down his or her back is considered attractive. It means they've had kids before, and is a sign of fertility. I don't find it attractive though. >_> Maybe it's because I was raised on earth. This morning I noticed some skin on my back is peeling with some fuzz underneath, since Anna is pretty far in her pregnancy. I think I want to get it removed. I know there are procedures to get it done. I feel a bit guilty about it because it is a part of my culture, but I really don't want it.
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Nooooo don't get rid of it. >_< At the camps they make it so you can't see it. It means everyone who had children that the camp owns the children. Its so you have no sign of having them in the first place. Its a way the Tech Nyshaunt disgrace us. ;_;
Xaq: *stares funny at Kirqut's back* .....
Kirqut: Its just peeling! It's not leporsy!
I....wonder if it's silky. Like a gerbil.
Yes its silky! Silky and gerbil in the same sentance didn't come to mind though.
XD; Oh there's really silky gerbils though! As in a breed :O;;;; *saw them at a fair*