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Beyond and Beyond


6/26/06 10:05 am - (Cargo Timeline) Have to go get another one.

I had a factory girl. She didn't know any language but she seemed understanding. I left her locked in my room and somehow she got out and wandered around the ship. Apparently she was hitting random buttons curioiusly. She then got herself sucked out an airlock.

I have to grab a smarter girl next time.

6/25/06 09:40 am - (Omega Timeline) Public Service Announcement

I know when I will die in the future, and Lila has my blessings to find someone after I'm gone. It would be respectful if all the guys out there would wait till I was six feet under before making a move. Thank you.

6/22/06 12:10 pm - (Cargo Timeline) URG.

A few years ago when I realized by Prestige's actions we wouldn't have a new person in the coupling by breeding season, I planned to have a child with him. I also thought he would carry it for me like he has done for Mae, but he said no, just in case Mae still needs him too. I almost have him convinced to carry it for me when he gets back from his most recent mission. Now Mae has this guy following her around. If Prestige thinks its serious he won't carry the baby for me and still make himself available if Mae needs it. I need to come up with a plan to still get what I want. I want at least one breeding season without the burden of carrying the baby to term.

6/22/06 11:52 am - (Cargo Timeline) Breeding Season

I do need to find a woman willing to have child with me soon, but i have no time for courtship. I thought that I could save one from tech Nyshaunts from a work prison so hopefully she would be open to having a child with me.

Farm Woman: While she will be intelligent, since farms have the most freedom, she will also be the most inquisitive. She will ask why I couldn't save more people than just her, and ask why I am in the Tidings, and question everything I do. While I do like a woman with a mind I don't think I want to deal with this. The plus is she will have Solar or Earth powers since she works growing plants all day.

Camp Woman: Some might be weaker do to lack of food and water, but they still have a mind on them. Though camps has much less freedom camp woman seemed to have more of an attitude to make up for it. She would probably demand I go back and rescue her friends and family. She would be harder to convince to have child with than the Farm woman. despite being weaker, they do heavy labor every day, which would make them better for having children.

Factory Woman:They are raised like cattle and have no social kills or knowledge at all. Though the most easy to convince to have a child with, I do not know if I want that responsibility. I would have to teach her language and how to read. She would also become too dependent on me. However I would have no problem convincing her to have a child with me, but I would feel like I was taking advantage of her.

I need to figure out what type is the best for my situation and plan a quick attack to grab her. I may require some help, since some prisons have high security.

5/30/06 11:37 am - (Omega Timeline) Meme

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Mention the gender of his/her gender.
3. Tag 8 victims to this and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged a second time, there is no need to do it a second time.
5. The most impt part is having fun doing it!

Memes are against my religious beliefs.

5/30/06 10:37 am

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Mention the gender of his/her gender.
3. Tag 8 victims to this and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged a second time, there is no need to do it a second time.
5. The most impt part is having fun doing it!

Men and Women! ^___^

1. Must not dwell on sad things, but I will comfort them if they're sad.

2. Must be open minded! *whispers* don't tell anyone but I'm half Nysha and half Ritz. I have people on both ends that wanna eat meeeee. ;_;

3. Must be cool with my wives and helping me make babies with them.

4. Must be good in the sack or I'll teach them! :3

5. If you don't want to have sex all the time thats okay, but there has to be cuddles.

6. I'm a very giving person physically and material wise, I hope not to be taken advantage of with that. :3

7. Have to be smart, and it doesn't have to be techy brain smart, but like, social smart. Know whats going on around them, ya know? And have opinions about it. :3

8. They don't have to be deeply involved in the Nysha resistance like I am. I will always tell them where I am though, and trust them to keep secrets if they're not gonna help fight. So I need someone I can totally trust. If anything does happen to me I'd like someone that can take care of my wives - though they can take care of themselves. Ummm - and have to like my kids.

I guess I'll tag Xaine to annoy him, my wives Mae and Vyktorya and any pretty Ritz boys that haven't been tagged yet. :3

5/24/06 09:56 am - (Omega Timeline) Its so strange-

Anna and I have always had an open relationship, but now with us being apart for so long, I can't get myself to be with someone else until I have Anna back. I've had people interested in me but I have chose to ignore them. I just can not be with anyone else unless I know Anna is with me as well.

I should prepare for another fight to get her back, but I have been busy with- other things. They are less important things, but they need to get done. My brother is quite persistent with- things- we need to get done.

5/15/06 09:56 am - (Omega Timeline) Preggie Talk

Someday I plan to have a lot of kids. Pregant woman are so beautiful. They're all glowy and don't look fat, just plump with a baby. I'm probably the type that annoys them with the, "Can I feel it kick?" "When are you due?" and just pry them crazy. It must be so nice though, carrying another life, it seems so warm and fuzzy. People make all those complaints about morning sickness and not seeing their feet, but I think all the good things cancel that out. Its a new life! And thats a wonderful thing. ^.^;; I wonder if I'll be that glowing when I'm preggie. I wonder if my robotics will be glowy too. :3 I'd be a very sexy preggie mama though, and so happy! ^_^ I'll wake up every morning and rub my tummy saying hi before the morning sickness starts. I won't give into all the bad cravings, but eat really healthy for the babies sake. I'll make Kirqut give me foot massages. I'll have so much fun decorating the baby's room. And I'll wear really pretty maternaty clothes not those fat lady clothes. I'll take many picture of myself to remember how beautiful I was even when preggie. It will be wonderful! ^_^

4/18/06 01:36 pm - (Omega Timeline) *grumble*

I let him off easy. I will get him next time.

4/13/06 11:39 am - (Omega Timeline) ERG!

I'm preparing to make another attack on Stargon. This time I'm prepared for anything waterwise to be used against me. My water levels are really low right now, so I should be able to take a lot. I can't wait to see the look in that bastard's face when he hits me with water and nothing happens.

I've also been working on my physical attacks more. I've improved even more at the sword. My fire magic does not seem to do much against him. He just makes wisecracks and puns about it. He does not fear it like normal people do. He frustrates me so much! That asshole. >_<

I will get him this time and bring Annabelle home.
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