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Describe your characters (from your own story, fanfics, art, works) in three word sentences, then recommend people to give their three-word sentence of your characters too and have them to post in their blog too so you can describe their characters for them.

Kirqut: Firey punk ass
Anna: Nice Southern gal
Zed: Super smart virgin?
Downway: Saw it coming XD
Mae: Tiny smart lady
Vyk: Cranky protective woman
Prestige: Purple haired playboy
Weztyn: Jerk Jerk Jerk
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Kirqut - BURN IT ALL
Anna - She kicks ass
Zed - Tall young genius
Downway - End for him
Mae - Sweet little lady
Vyk - I am sexy
Prestige - I am pwetty
Weztyn - In the words of Xaq: FUCKING ASSHOLE BASTARD