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Beyond and Beyond


11/22/06 10:09 am - Zed ((At 18~))

My parents took me out partying last night for the day of my birth. I do not remember half of what happened last night. My mother says that usually means I had a good time. However, I woke up with a tattoo on me. I rather not mention the location of it.

The Tattoo

I realize I should not trust my parents to protect me from doing such things while partying.
I believe I should never drink again.

..... I have three communication numbers written in pen on my arm.....

10/17/06 06:04 pm - Wheehee

Describe your characters (from your own story, fanfics, art, works) in three word sentences, then recommend people to give their three-word sentence of your characters too and have them to post in their blog too so you can describe their characters for them.

Kirqut: Firey punk ass
Anna: Nice Southern gal
Zed: Super smart virgin?
Downway: Saw it coming XD
Mae: Tiny smart lady
Vyk: Cranky protective woman
Prestige: Purple haired playboy
Weztyn: Jerk Jerk Jerk

10/6/06 12:25 pm

Scorpio Oct 6, 2006

Be a better person than the one you're currently dealing with, and take the first step toward reconciling. While it might feel momentarily satisfying to hold a grudge, starting over will benefit you both in the long run.

starting over will benefit you both in the long run.

9/2/06 09:29 am - Annabelle ((Cargo Timeline))

Mae is feeling much better! I talked to her over a vid while I was on Nyshaunt and she looks much better too! Xaq on the other hand is in a coma like sleep. They were staying stuff about shadow taint. Mae wishes to come and help but we don't want her to strain herself so soon.

Poor Xaq. :( Kirqut says he could do something with his powers, but he needs to be careful so he doesn't hurt Xaq. Lyn can help with her earth powers as well. I know they can handle this stuff so I know Xaq will be fine.

I will never understand all this magic stuff. @_@;;;

The baby keeps moving inside me. ^_^;;; I think he wants out soon. @_@ Nyshaunts are preggy for 7 months and humans are 9 of course. I want him to stay baking for 8. Now the mid of 7th month he's moving so much he'd probably going to be out in two weeks. Nysha babies are in a sac in the womb so there isn't any kicking, they roll instead. Lyn warned me though the last month the sac might get thin because human babies are bigger than Nysha babies. @_@;;; I can sometimes feel a faint kicking, but he still rolls too. So I guess he's in a thin sac now. I hope that doesn't cause any trouble.

I hope we wake up Xaq soon so he can see the Jebediah being born! :3

9/2/06 09:12 am - Kirqut (Omega Timeline)

No one understands what it is like to have power over all fire- to be able to destroy anything or anyone with a thought- Only to have it stopped by a bucket of water.


7/18/06 11:59 am - (Omega Timeline) Um~

Has anyone seen my light blue sparklie bra? I have no idea where it is.

7/18/06 11:56 am - (Cargo Timeline) ARG

I have a factory girl that is smart enough not to send herself out an airlock. However she called me an affectionate name that means brother, and keeps asking about the light green hair boy she saw for a moment when boarding the ship.

6/30/06 11:32 am - (Cargo Timelime) Cravings

A long while ago Kirqut had a box of Nyshaunt cookies that he found on a raid that he was going to bury back on his planet. Because Nyshaunt cookies are made by Tech Nyshaunts and have Magic Nyshaunts in them. Out of curiosity I snuck one and tried it. :3 It was okay, not the best cookie I ever had really.

Now that I'm pregnant I'm starting to crave themmmmmmm. I can't just ask Kirqut to pick me up some because it goes against all he's fighting for. But I really craveeee themmmmm.

Does that make me a cannibal? I mean, it isn't like I'm eating straight flesh, its baked in a cookie with other additives. Mmmm cookies. :3~

6/30/06 11:12 am - (Cargo Timelime) Nysha Beauty

Nyshaut males and females develop a strip of back fur down the middle of their back when they have children. Its because the creature we evolved from was a snake like with a strip of fur down its back. A man or woman with a strip of back fur down his or her back is considered attractive. It means they've had kids before, and is a sign of fertility. I don't find it attractive though. >_> Maybe it's because I was raised on earth. This morning I noticed some skin on my back is peeling with some fuzz underneath, since Anna is pretty far in her pregnancy. I think I want to get it removed. I know there are procedures to get it done. I feel a bit guilty about it because it is a part of my culture, but I really don't want it.

6/27/06 11:19 am - (Cargo Timeline) WHAT IS GOING ON!

ARG, not again!
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